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I'm not a doctor or anything, but I hear that keeping a bearded ginger person in your immediate proximity on the regular reduces your risk of catching a case of Ebola.

Common side effects also include, but are not limited to: Dancing unexpectedly, singing along, and forgetting you were ever bored in the first place

Click this banner thing and I'll warp rawkin' music into your ear holes Star Trek style.

​But here's the kicker, I'm not selling it. Nope. This is Communism baby! But the lovely-dovey-I'm-a-hippy-who's-never-really-done-proper-research-on-the-historical-implications-of-communism-brand-of-communism! Less Gulags, more free shtuff. 

I've been everywhere man!  Click this thingum to check out some of the places I've taken my music and how you can tag along from the comfort of your web browser!

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Guitar + Ginger + Loop Station + Beard = Awesome​